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We close the season with a Bang! Lower prices and amazing offers for the October!

It's fair. Tell us where did you find us and save 2% in every booking. Your reviews are important to us.

The Sky is the limit! Get any car you like or the Suzuki Jimny 4x4 for €35 a day! The offer is not valid for "luxury storm" cars.

A luxury storm has come to TRUST. You can choose for a Hummer H3, Mercedes CLK cabrio, Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler Crossfire and our new Ford Mustang to enjoy Kos island with style. All luxury car rentals in Kos have a limit of 120km.

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Tell us where did you find us and save 2% in every booking. We need your review to get us better.

Free Delivery Service

Our company offers a free delivery service for all our cars and motos around the island of Kos. Whether you are in your hotel or at the airport or at the harbor we are able to deliver your rental vehicle at your request.

Best Price Guarantee

This is for sure the best guarantee prices you can find for car or moto rentals in Kos. Don't miss our website offers.

Trust & Safety

Trust is one of our main concern. We check our fleet in often periods trying to give you more reliable services.